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It’s All about Choice

I’m a seeker the way of life. I still don’t know where God will guide me in the future of my life. I’m blind, I can’t to pray my deepest thanks to God who has blessed me till today, who has given me useful knowledge, healthy, and great mercy that can’t count. I’m still arrogant to my family, my friends, and poorly myself too. I can’t control myself to be wise man. I’m still doubt about my skill so I often less confident or nervous when i face a condition that pushes me to show my ability. I’m still feel jealous to my friend’s skill, knowledge, social activity, social interaction, and soon. Not rare, I feel have fewer friends day by day. I know my social feeling is not good enough but I want to change. I want to change my crude habit, selfish feeling, and other sinful side of my life. I want to alter the ‘asshole’ to be right side.

God… don’t let me fall on an insult that makes me far away from your blessing. The Almighty God, please guides me to determine the best choice of my life.

Stand by me God,

Stand by me…

Please stand by me…,

I’m only a meaningless slave who tries to get your blessing and mercy ever after.

I never agree with a foolish statement; “Let life flow whatever there is, like water on the river”. I think this statement is suitable for hopeless people. I said that because we don’t recognize what way that will be faced on tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and day by day in the future if we don’t try hard efforts today. We don’t know our last day will through to ocean or maybe through to sewer (naudzubillahi mindzalik).

We must choose best of the best choice in every breath we take. Remember, we have only two options in whole of my life, right or wrong way. But we don’t know them, we need your guidance God. Use our first and last life chance to be useful people. We have to try to give meaning and useful things to our self and especially to other people. We have to still keep in touch to all people. Not depend of their background or meaningless tendency, rich or poor, wise or foolhardy, hold on important position or not and soon.

“People have enough to live, but nothing to live for. They have the means, but no meaning.”

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